Management Team

Christopher Combs

Founder, Portfolio Strategy Officer
Investment Committee Member

Chris’ primary focus is growing client capital in good times and protecting it in bad times. Chris believes that up to 80% of a portfolio’s success is driven by macroeconomic forces. Chris explains that the biggest error we see investors make is owning reasonable, even good investments at the wrong time.

It’s not surprising that Chris has spent most of his career developing systems to understand and manage investment risk.

Chris started in the industry in 1985. Chris accepted a US Bank executive training collegiate scholarship which provided comprehensive training while attending college.

During this time, Chris was trained in US Bank’s well known technique of “Evaluating Business Ventures” or free cash flow analysis, which forever change his perception of value. Over 10 years, Chris also served in various capacities including credit analysis, trust services, branch banking operations, compliance and distribution system productivity planning.

In 1995, Chris left US Bank to work at Investors Diversified Services, where he remained for the next 8 years becoming “a student of the market”.

Silicon Valley Capital Partners was officially launched in July 31, 2003. Chris has enormous passion for his work as an investment and macroeconomic strategist, but mostly as a service provider to some very special relationships.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Law from Portland State University.

Chris is currently a competitive aerobatic pilot in the Advanced category and competes within the International Aerobatics Club sanctioned contests.