Lifestyle Planning

An integrated approach to solving problems

Most advisors prefer the traditional approach of planning only services, in which the organization’s advisors are always busy giving advice and gathering more assets, but never producing research or monitoring your investments. Their preference is to refer your investment management needs to a third party or in-house portfolio management team that is measured against a benchmark – not your risk management requirements.

Inherent to this structure is a disconnect that just doesn’t make sense to savvy investors.

How can it be in your best interest if the people managing your money know nothing about you?

Lifestyle Strategy: True portfolio customization based on your lifestyle

Our approach to planning and why we deliver more

There are three key reasons why we deliver more than traditional advisory firms.

Lifestyle Strategy:

We take a 360 degree look at your personal financial life – a complete integration of your lifestyle and your portfolio.

The primary difference is the comprehensive approach we take. Instead of lumping you into a general category based on things like age, tax bracket, risk profile and net worth, we look at your complete and complex lifestyle needs. Then we seek to integrate your lifestyle into your portfolio strategy.

Communication: Integrated team structure


The second key difference is the integrated team structure. Our planners are members of our portfolio strategy team, so there is no disconnect between the planning and portfolio implementation. This sounds simple, but it is in fact quite rare.

This means the professionals who sit down with you to analyze and understand your lifestyle will have an active role in your investment strategy. While most firms split these roles, we integrate these functions into a single confluent team, providing direct access to the people who manage your portfolio.

Risk Management: Proprietary Systems

Risk Management:

The third reason we are different from traditional advisory firms is the information we use to manage and monitor risk in your portfolio. Our firm uses multiple proprietary leading indicator and momentum modeling tools to monitor risk from several points of view. Our macroeconomic research has been an effective tool for client education, strategy communication and capital market risk monitoring.



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