Bill Miller
Bill Miller
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Value investor Bill Miller shared some of his stock top picks with CNBC on Tuesday, including one company that he believes will multiply in the next three years.

The chairman and chief investment officer of Miller Value Partners told CNBC’s “The Exchange” that the market is “roughly fairly valued” right now, with an “even spread between the names that are too expensive and the names that are too cheap.”

Here are some of the names Miller is excited about.

Miller, a legendary value investor, told CNBC that all the so-called FAANG stocks are “pretty attractive.”

He is also a longtime Amazon investor.

E-commerce used car seller Vroom is another stock Miller Value Partners owns right now. The company has about a $5.5 billion market valuation.

Miller said Vroom’s management team is the same group that helped build, which is now a $100 billion company.

“Carvana is the leader with a $45 billion market cap and Vroom is about three years behind Carvana with a much higher return on capital model,” said Miller.

“That’s a name we think you can make multiple times your money in the next three or four years,” he added.

“General Motors is, I think, very, very attractive with the new CFO,” said Miller. “Paul Jacobson who came from Delta was a very creative CFO at Delta.” The investor is also bullish on Mary Barra’s vision for the legacy automaker.

“The valuation discrepancy between it and Tesla is just way too big,” said Miller.

General Motors has a market capitalization of about $80 billion, while Tesla’s market value is about $678 billion.

Miller also said he is finding opportunities in the SPAC sell-off and is bullish on bitcoin.

He went against some other high-profile investors last May in saying that the stock market was not overvalued. Stocks are now hovering at record highs.